Are Lexington Pontoon Boats Good?

Pontoon boats are lately on the rise in recent years due to their affordability, convenience, and emphasis on comfort. Several brands and manufacturers have emerged in the pontoon industry.

One amongst them is Lexington.

Now, answering the question, Are Lexington Pontoon Boats Good?

The answer is, yes, Lexington pontoon boats are good but not very popular. Not much is known about it in the pontoon market, but it offers great value at affordable prices. 

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Lexington Pontoon Group is the company that manufactures Lexington pontoon boats. They describe themselves as a company of pontoon boats that focus on quality, engineering, and quality design.

Lexington boats had relocated from Leland, N.C. to the J. Frank Myers Industrial Park in Americus. 


Lexington uses a four-stroke Suzuki motor in its pontoons. 

It is one of the quietest motors that one would ever experience. When in water, you need to physically look if the motor is pumping water as you would not be able to judge the same with its noise.

First Look

Lexington pontoon boats double up as fishing as well as family boats. They are also budget-friendly.

They are 25 inches long in diameter with heavy-duty anodized railings and bimini frames. The gas tank is outside the boat in the newer models.


Lexington boats have comfortable and luxurious interiors with details like:

  • High-end Upholstery 

The upholstery is in a dark inlay pattern which carries over to all the furniture and seats. It is soft in touch and provides a luxurious feeling.

  • Symmetrical Console

The console located near the helm is symmetrical in structure. It also has a Simrad GPS with white gauges on each side.

  • Organized Steering Area

The steering area in Lexington pontoons is well organized. Below the steering is a door for the console wiring that makes it easy to work. Also, all the wires are well-bundled and protected by a chafe. 

On the right are well-labeled rocker switches, and on the left is the JBL stereo with an in-built USB and auxiliary jack. 

  • L-Lounge

Lexington pontoons have an L-shaped lounge located directly across the helm.

  • Fishing Station

Located in the stern, Lexington has a great fishing station. It includes two folding fishing chairs, two-rod holders, and storage for up to four fishing rods.

  • Aerated Live Well

It also has a nice console with built-in live well 

  • Storage

Lexington has well-designed designated tackle storage. It has under-seat storage. 


Lexington claims to use the best materials that meet or exceed the pontoon industry standards. Here are some of its exterior details:

  • It has heavy-duty anodized railings and bimini frames.
  • On the exterior, it also has elevated fence panels for drainage and ventilation.
  • There are lifting strakes on both sides of the center with a full-length splash skin to complete the hull.
  • The rail height varies from 25 inches tall to 33 inches to the side.
  • Also available is a 19-inch of usable deck space from inside the gates.

Lexington Series

Lexington offers its customers a range of three series of pontoon boats.

The series are:

  1. The 3 Series
  2. The 5 Series
  3. The 6 Series
  • The 3 Series

The 3 Series is a great mix of value and length. It also hosts incredible standard features.

Plenty of rod holders and cup holders will ensure you can stay out longer on the lake for family fun. Available outboard motors range from 50 – 140 horsepower.

Its features are:

  • Length w/o motor – 20ft. 4in.
  • Width – 8ft. 6in.
  • Weight Boat Only – 1,631 lbs.
  • Standard Engine – 50 HP
  • Max Motor HP – 140HP
  • Max Capacity – 11 persons

The 3 series include the 318, 320, and 321 series.

The 5 Series

The 5 series is the perfect choice for the family looking for a medium of value and length.

This vessel provides standard features like sea-weave marine flooring, premium upholstery, stereo, courtesy, and much more.

Friends and family will love spending years on the lake in this gorgeous 5 series.

Its features are:

  • Length w/o motor – 22′ 4″
  • Width – 8′ 6″
  • Weight Boat Only – 1924 lbs
  • Standard HP – 150 HP
  • Max Motor HP – 200 HP
  • Max Capacity – 12 Person

The 5 series include the 519 and 521 series.

The 6 Series

It has 35-inch diameter tubes with dual lifting strakes which makes it faster. They keep the pontoon higher and dryer than any pontoon on the market today.

It is powered by a 150Hp-200Hp Suzuki, has TWO 10′ electric Bimini tops, a mooring cover, dual captains chairs, a large ultra-lounge, and even a bar with a refrigerator. It’s luxurious at an unbeatable price point. 

Its features are:

  • Length w/o Motor – 22′ 4″
  • Width – 8′ 6″
  • Weight Boat Only – 3,417 lbs
  • Standard Engine – 150 HP
  • Max Motor HP – 200 HP
  • Max Capacity – 10 persons

The 6 series include the 621, 623, and 626 series.

How to Order Lexington’s Pontoon boat

If you are willing to buy a Lexington for pontooning, you may need to follow these steps to own one. 

  • You will need to pre-order your pontoon.
  • You can pre-order from Lexington’s official website.
  • In the online order form, you need to fill in details like:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • What State are you located in?
  • Special Instructions
  • After filling in these details, the people at Lexington will contact you for the further process.
  • They take pre-orders of all models and usually deliver them within 2-6 weeks of placing the order.
  • Lexington also provides transportation and shipping.

As Lexington’s current limited-time promotion and being in prime season, most of its current inventory is very limited. So if you wish to own a Lexington, you would be required to place a pre-order for your chosen pontoon boat model.


Thus, we can say that Lexington pontoon boats are good. It lacks in its marketing as, during the research, I found that people don’t know about Lexington pontoon boats much. Also, not much is known about its parent and manufacturing company.

Apart from its tacky website, it provides a great range of pontoon boats under the three pontoon boat series mentioned above.

Overall, it provides multiple luxurious features to its customers at an affordable range.

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