Are Pontoon Boats Easy To Maintain?

So you’re considering owning a pontoon boat but you are not really sure about how easy or hard it is to maintain a pontoon boat?

Don’t worry you’re not alone in this as pontoon boats have become way popular in recent times according to National Marine Manufacturers Association as compared to other boats because of its benefits as well as safety of your loved ones.

So answering the question that “Is pontoon boats easy to maintain?”

The answer is yes, pontoon boats are easy to maintain because they have aluminium hull which prevents it from corrosion but on the engine front you may have to give your pontoon boat the due attention as the engine is the heart of any system.

So, you’ll have to take your pontoon for routine maintenance (for ex. Spark plug, filter etc.)

Let’s now discuss some other aspects and major plus points on owning a pontoon boat, and at the end we’ll also discuss some negatives of pontoon boats to give you the whole picture.

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Major Positives on having a pontoon boat:

1. Beginner friendly

Compared to other boats, pontoon boats pretty easy to drive and dock because of its design and steady motion. Also, due to their flat structure they are considered very safe, stable and hard to flip or tip.

If you’re looking for some beginner friendly pontoons then you can consider these pontoons mentioned below:

2. No storage issues!

You’ll not face any storage issues in pontoon boats compared to other motorboats as it is more spacious and all your essentials will be settled easily.

Ideally, you’re bound to carry some life vests, safety equipment’s and other clothing that you might need while you’re on your pontoon boat, then in that case pontoons will give you the upper hand compared to small power boats.

In terms of seats it can easily seat more than 8 to 9 people without any second thought so it’s ideal for your family and friends.

3. Maintenance is affordable

As mentioned earlier, compared to other boats pontoons are quite affordable to maintain.

The main participating component here is the cheap insurance, a pontoon boat under $40,000 and typically cost around $20 to $35 per month, and in my opinion it’s pretty reasonable as anything can go wrong while you’re boating.

In case if anything goes wrong or you have an accident it’s very easy to repair and will not cost you fortunes. That’s why insurance companies are more interested in pontoons.

Credit: Unsplash- Oluwaseyi Johnson

Some Negatives on owning a pontoon boat

1. Not Ideal for Rough Waters

Pontoon boats are known for its stability and comfort; however, in conditions like storms this is not the case and it can be dangerous than normal V-hull boats.

As the size of the waves increases the risk of pontoon diving into the wave also increases because of its shape.

So whenever you notice a storm approaching you try to escape the water as it is very difficult to tie down a pontoon during a heavy storm.

2. Pontoons are not Speed Maniac!

If you prefer speed over comfort than pontoons might not be suitable for you because the maximum speed of a pontoon boat is around 60 to 80 MPH, but on average it is around 30 to 35 MPH for low horsepower according to Pontoon how.

If you need speed than probably you have to opt for a higher horsepower engine or the sports variant of pontoon boat.

Pontoons are made with the sole purpose for fun and enjoying with your friends and family, so if that is on your mind then of course go for it!

What is the typical lifespan of a pontoon boat?

Pontoon boats last anywhere between 15 to 25 years but certainly that depends upon the brand and how the pontoon boat has been used in the past, how often it was taken for routine maintenance and how often it was used.

The most common metal used in pontoon boats are aluminium and compared to other alloys it possibly lasts longer, and even if it gets dents or scratches it can be easily repaired.

You can also follow some good practices to protect your pontoon from corroding.

If you’re considering fiberglass boats than the only problem is that it’s not very easy to repair but if you’re willing to do that then fiberglass boats can also last as long as aluminium boats.

How often should pontoons be cleaned?

To maintain your pontoon you’ll have to do the deep cleaning at least twice a year and frequent cleaning of the surface material as well.

Also try to keep your flooring and furniture dry by wiping them when the pontoon isn’t in use. Once every part is clean and dry you can go ahead and cover it.

About maintaining the vinyl furniture try to refer the user’s manual for suitable understanding.

How long will a pontoon boat last in saltwater?

Honestly speaking, it totally depends on factors like its bottom paint and the environment conditions.

Saltwater is not ideal for any metal over a long period of time, so being on the safe side 6 to 7 days could be fine but also consider the frequency of use.

So, try to avoid saltwater and enjoy your pontoon ride in fresh waters as even if you leave it for 3 to 4 weeks it will not cause any damage to your pontoon.

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