How do you fit a pontoon boat in a garage?

One who wishes to buy a pontoon boat would probably wish that all of them had one universal size. But, that’s not reality. Pontoon boats come in various shapes and sizes, providing the buyers with the flexibility to make a purchase according to their needs and usage. 

If you are bearing in mind to buy a pontoon boat, make sure you know the dimensions of your garage. If you don’t know them, measure them out with the help of a measuring tape.

Once you know the size of your boat, consider half the trouble has been solved. When you go into the market looking for a new boat, look for the ones that fit in your garage.

Make sure to select a pontoon boat that has dimensions such that when it is placed in your garage, a minimum of 1 foot of distance is left between your boat and the walls of your garage for proper movement of people and objects when necessary.

In case you didn’t give much attention to your garage size and you think you bought a pontoon boat which is almost the size equal to the empty space in your garage, you still can manage to fit your boat inside using some organizational skills as well as some hacks!

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HACK 1- Organize, organize, organize!

We all have a lot of redundant items that go straight into the garage, hence yours, mine, and all our garages are filled with all kinds of stuff- useful and useless too. 

At first, you must sort out all these items and get rid of items that are truly not of any use anymore. Not only getting rid of useless items, but you must also neatly organize the rest in a small area to make space. 

You can further categorize them and place them in different trays or boxes which increases space enabling you to place your boat inside your garage with ease.

This type of organization also enables you to go through your stuff easily even when your pontoon boat is parked inside your garage.

HACK 2- Maneuvering is the key!

Before maneuvering, you can place your pontoon boat on a trailer or any object that can be used to maneuver your boat.

The way you maneuver your pontoon boat into your garage pretty much determines if it is going to fit or not.

Maneuvering your boat is all about symmetry and geometry. You must make sure your boat is exactly at the center of your garage i.e, the centerline of your boat must align with the centerline of your garage.

This helps in utilizing your space optimally and also is a safer option for the boat as it leaves a gap between the garage walls and your boat, nullifying any chances of damage.

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HACK 3- Garage too short or trailer too long?

Sometimes, the trailer you use might be taller or the boat you own may be simply bigger than the height of your garage. 

When you have been challenged with such issues, consider letting some air out of the tires. This might give you enough room between the boat and the ceiling of the garage. 

If letting out some air is not proving to be sufficient, then flatten the tires out! That should work.

HACK 4 – Cut out some length.

Don’t worry, I am not suggesting you cut out a part of your boat! You can reduce the length of the trailer containing your boat is what I am suggesting.

This hack can be used when your trailer is too long and it is an obstacle in closing the door.

HACK 5 – Increase the garage space

This might not exactly sound like a hack, but this is the last option some of you might have. You can build a fence around your garage and fit your boat inside the fence and cover your boat to protect it from external factors.

Most of the trailers come with breakaway tongues which can be bent in order to reduce the length of the trailer. If your trailer doesn’t come with a pre-installed breakaway tongue, you can get it installed. 

As mentioned earlier, it is not at all practical or logical to buy a boat that is bigger than your garage or a boat that simply doesn’t fit in your garage. 

Even if your heart wants the bigger one, you must acknowledge the fact that even if you buy it, you would not be left with any place to store it. This might further add up to increased expenditure for maintenance and storage of your boat at marines and other storage services, which I am guessing you don’t want to happen.

You might also want to rebuild your garage in order to make it big enough to park your boat in your garage, but at this stage, boat storing services such as marina slips, dry storage blocks, etc ultimately become the cheaper option.

Usually, any garage that can accommodate 2 cars can accommodate a boat and a trailer that is 26 ½ feet long diagonally across two ends.

At the end of the day, you are the one who is going to use the boat for the next few years or even for the rest of your life!  So, it is up to you to choose an option that suits you best.

Good luck and happy boating!

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